Getting your Pilot’s License

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Here is some info about getting your Private.
To get your license usually people fly on the weekends and maybe once or twice during the week when they are getting their Private Pilot’s License. With this kind of schedule you would be looking to get your private pilot’s license in about 4-6 months.
During these months of training we divide the flight training down into three phases. The first phase basically is all preparation for your first solo. In preparation for your first solo you will become an expert at performance maneuvers, ground reference maneuvers, and emergency procedures. Once you have completed your first solo we move into the cross country phase. Here we focus on flight planning and the factors that will effect your cross country, such as weather, fuel, weight and balance of the aircraft, and some other factors. The culminating events of this phase are a series of solo cross countries you will complete to various airports around Florida. The third and final phase is preparing you for your FAA checkride. Your FAA checkride is usually an hour long ground portion of quizing by an examiner followed by an hour long flight to ensure that you will be a safe pilot.
To sum up the requirements of getting your private pilot’s license, you will need a total of 40 hours: 20 of which are dual received (flight instruction) and 10 that are solo. Usually those last 10 hours are spent where you need them, whether it being building confidence in the solo aspects of flight or receiving more flight instruction. Usually people finish their private license around 50 hours though. Before you take your FAA checkride that is described above you have to complete a written exam, which is a 60 multiple chose exam taken in a testing center. We will prepare you throughout your flight instruction but to pass the written exam requires a lot of studying on your end, but there are plenty of resources to help out in this day and age.
As far as cost goes, I charge 110 dollars an hour for the aircraft (that includes the cost of fuel) and 35 dollars an hour for flight instruction and ground instruction. So this means it will be 145 dollars an hour for flight instruction but only the rate of 110 dollars an hour for when you go solo. The FAA written exam costs around 120 dollars to take and the FAA practical exam costs around 450 dollars for the examiner. With all these costs added up and other costs along the way such as your medical, books, etc. you are looking to spend around 8 grand for your private pilot’s license. Remember though this is spent over the time period of  several months.
This is a lot of  information but feel free to call flydunn if you have any questions or just come and meet us at the airport for more info. If you’re not interested in working towards your private we can always go flying for fun and we’ll log the time just in case you ever change your mind that way you have hours towards your license for later in life.
Once you get your Private Pilot’s license you can start renting aircraft. To rent an aircraft at most places you will go to the place, they will give a check out flight (usually an hour of ground and flight) and then you can fly their plane wherever you want. They will then charge for the rental of the aircraft per hour you fly, not per hour you have it. So for example you can fly to the Keys for the week but only pay for the 6 hour round trip of flying.

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