Learn to fly!

Do you want to become a pilot or ready to get your next rating? Flydunn can take you to the next level of your aviation career. We teach:

Private Pilot, Instrument, Commercial, Instrument Proficiency Checks, Annual Reviews, and more…

Getting your next rating is not only a rewarding experience, but also makes you a safer pilot. With our high quality flight instructor you are gauranteed to have the best instruction and also a great time.

Flydunn’s aircraft is an affordable way to build hours and get you onto that next rating. The fact that Flydunn is not a big flight school allows us to keep your costs low.

Start today by calling us and setting up an introduction flight or take an adventure flight if you've never flown before. Then flydunn will set up a schedule and map out with you how we'll get your next rating.

Contact us to start your flight training!

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FLYDUNN’s aircraft is maintained to the highest standards and kept in outstanding condition, click here to learn more

FLYDUNN’s instructor is professional but also keeps a friendly atmosphere during instruction, click here to learn more