Spin Training

Need your spin endorsement for your CFI? Or always been interested in experiencing what a spin is like? Go for a flight where FLYDUNN’s instructor will teach the recovery methods from full and incipient spins. Also learn all the aerodynamic principals behind a spin and the best methods to avoid getting in one.

$299 for ground and flight instruction involving spins ending with a spin endorsement

Contact us to reserve your flight today!

Take a first step toward your aviation dream.

Accomplish spins with confidence and receive the endorsement at the conclusion of the training.

Have an adventure in the skys where you are the pilot! Fly over Orlando and perform exciting maneuvers.

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  • Amazing experience. Had a wonderful time. Thank you Fly Dunn for squeezing me in last minute.

  • Best birthday surprise ever!–Rene Gordon

  • Mr Dunn was very professional and polite. He is very competent and knowledgeable. I felt safe and secure during the entire flight evolution. Highly recommend Fly Dunn to anyone interested in flying lessons or sunset flights. He makes it an enjoyable and fun event.

  • Awesome guy and an amazing experience. Will definitely be back.