Top 4 Florida Airports

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I’ve been flying around Florida for almost a decade and despite the occasional thunderstorm that comes out of nowhere it is a great place for general aviation. Here is a list of my favorite airports.

Cedar Key (CDK)

The runway is not for the weak of heart, it lays out on a little spit of land and is just under 2400 feet, but the community and the location is what sells this airport. The lady who drives the taxi is well known by anyone who has flown into Cedar Key as the nicest person in Florida. She monitors the CTAF freq and will be waiting for you at the airport ready to take you to one of the great little restaurants on the coast of the island. It is like a mini vacation island that makes no sense to drive to but is definitely worth the flight.

Marathon (MTH)

Want to fly to the keys but avoid the high costs of Key West? Though this might not have all the sights of Key West it is a perfect spot to grab some food or gas while sightseeing around the keys. I recommend spending the night and taking off around sunset. If you plan on staying there for a while you can visit some of the other keys with the practically free bus service that travels up and down the keys.

Orlando (ORL)

Maybe I’m partial to this one since this used to be my home base, but I still love flying out of this airport. Don’t be scared away by the class bravo, everyone on approach and in the tower are great to work with. Also when you fly in on runway seven you’ll get a great view of downtown. As far as the local area is concerned hop over to Disney and do some sightseeing. Check out Mickey’s Forest (Mickey’s Ears made out of acres of trees) and fly over the fireworks at night (just stay above the TFR of 3000 feet).

Venice (VNC)

Want to surprise your significant other for your anniversary? This is the place to go. They have a local van service that takes you from the airport to the local restaurant that is right on the beach. Great view and amazing food, time it right, and you’ll get to watch the sunset over the Gulf while having dinner. This is a must for any pilot to go and visit.