FLYDUNN.COM, inc. has been in business since 2010, but the story of it’s founding starts back in 2004. FLYDUNN.COM was founded by Andrew Dunn. Mr. Dunn’s passion for aviation led him to create a business that is dedicated to a SAFE, PROFESSIONAL, AND FRIENDLY EXPERIENCE. No matter what your business is with flydunn: your first time to the skies, getting your next rating, or maybe even spin training for your CFI, flydunn is dedicated to you having the highest quality of service. FLYDUNN’s vision is to create an experience that is personalized and fun while maintaining the highest of standards. To understand why flydunn has these standards, you have to understand the man behind flydunn.   

“Safe, Professional, and Friendly Experience “

Andrew Dunn started his aviation career in 2004 fulfilling his childhood dream of becoming a pilot. After getting his pilot’s license, he quickly moved to get his other ratings; ultimately leading him to be a Professional Single and Multi engine rated pilot, and a Certified Flight Instructor with Instrument add on. Mr. Dunn completed all his training at the Navy JAX Flying Club learning from previous military pilots. The Navy JAX Flying Club holds it’s members to the highest standards, creating some of the best and safest pilots on the civilian side of aviation. Mr. Dunn took to their passion for excellence and is now incorporating it into his business.

Mr. Dunn is also pursuing his aviation dream through military service. He enlisted in the United States Marine Corps Reserve and was an active member in the Savannah GA Landing Support Battalion. The attention to detail and commitment to excellence the Marine Corps has instilled in Mr. Dunn permeates his business, flydunn. Mr. Dunn completed his Bachelor’s in Aerospace Engineering Degree at the University of Central Florida and went active duty in the Marine Corps afterwards.

Besides flying, Andrew is an active member in his community. Mr. Dunn was a part of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics and served as their historian. Mr. Dunn was also a member of Civil Air Patrol and served as a Mission Transport Pilot. In CAP, he obtained the highest award in the Cadet Program called the Spaatz award, which less than 1% of cadets ever achieve. Mr. Dunn also also completed the Lead Scholars course at UCF, which is a program which develops the leaders of tomorrow.

Mr. Dunn’s passion for aviation is apparent whether it’s or your first time ever flying or working towards your private pilot’s license. This love of flying combined with years of experience and professionalism refined by the military ensures you that your time with flydunn will be an enjoyable and unforgettable experience.